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Recent News...

The New wing for Destrehan High School is currently under construction.


St. Charles Parish Hospital Service Distrct Cathlab will be completed Soon


St. Charles Parish Hospital Service Distrct CIS Renovation has begun


St. Charles Parish Hospital Service Distrct Doctor Office building has been bid and is awaiting adward to low contractor

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Our specialized group of design professionals at Murray Architects have an intimate understanding of all phases of the building process. We maintain the in-house resources to meet any need a client may have quickly, efficiently and with an unsurpassed level of accountability.


We put this uniquely powerful combination of skills, resources and experience to work for clients through several possible design and construction approachs or individually as needed for any job.

Preliminary Services

Murray Architects will provide preliminary consulting services to aid the owner in choosing a building site or evaluate existing structures to be re-purposed or renovated.


Project Write-Up

After evaluating a clients needs we will provide a written description of the proposed projects scope, which will be used as the basis for design.


Schematic Design

Murray Architects will design various coherent designs that will satisfy your programmatic goals.  After receiving the owners feedback, a single holistic scheme is developed in which the design process will elaborate further.


Design Development

Our staff will generate drawings, computer models, outline specifications, and estimates that further describe the size and character of the project.


Document Creation

Working drawings and specifications will be created to describe the work in detail.  These documents will be utilized for permitting, State Fire Marshal approval, competitive bidding and construction.


Permit Acquisition & Code Compliance

Murray Architects works with government agencies to acquire the necessary approvals, permits and legal clearance.  We have longstanding relationships with Permit Office's throughout Louisiana, as well as local parish and state government entities.  Our staff is knowledgeable in the areas of local and state zoning requirements as well as other legal intricacies that govern construction projects.



Our staff will aid in the process of recommending qualified bidders who will be well suitable to construction your project.


Contract Administration

Murray Architects will maintain active field inspection to assist the contractor with interpretation of the contract documents and to verify that the work is being constructed in accordance with the contract documents.  The Architect will also certify payments earned by the contractor to allow for proper disbursement of the owners construction funds.

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